Whipple Tree Farm offers group or private lessons Monday through Saturday both mornings and evenings.

Prior to signing up for lessons you should decide what level of horsemanship you wish to attain: Recreational, English, Western, or compete in horse shows. You should plan on riding at least once a week, more often if you plan on participating in horse shows. You will also be investing in proper riding attire - breeches, boots and an equestrian safety helmet. If you are showing, proper show attire must be purchased.

We have worked with beginners as young as 5 but each student is an individual so we reserve the right to ask some riders to come back when they are older. Parents are encouraged to watch their children ride as long as they don't disrupt the instructor or others in the lesson.

Dianne likes to put riders with similar skill levels in a group so students can learn by seeing what others are doing as well as being instructed verbally.

Riders are encouraged to participate in preparing their horse by helping with grooming and tacking up.  The riding portion of the lesson generally lasts one hour. At the end of the lesson riders assist with untacking and washing down their horse. You should allow 2 hours for a riding lesson.

We have a covered arena so lessons are given rain or shine, hot or cold so dress accordingly. We may cancel lessons during severe weather.

For information about lessons please call Whipple Tree Farm at 281-344-0432.  Leave a message and we will call you back as soon as we can. 


Riding lesson form

Lesson Form-please download and fill out to give to Dianne